A poem that took a few min to write but years of work to be able to write it

It was not me who gave away my mind, my body and my soul,

To a sick and selfish man who used me and placed me in a burning hole.

It was not me who took his bait, and fell for his tactics,

And went along with his sly and very planned out antics.

It was not me who got involved in acts of which were so full of pain and shame,

With a man who didn’t care enough to take the slightest blame.

It was not me who possibly enjoyed some of his forced behaviors,

Making me feel so off and like an outcast amongst my neighbors

It was not me who may have willingly come back for some more,

More of his love and attention, while at the same time destroying my very core.

It was not me who may have even initiated in behaviors that are so sick,

With this man who would shower me with love while soothing my lifelong inner critic.

It was a vulnerable young boy who was so starving for some love,

and wasn’t able to defend himself against all of the above.

It was a pure and innocent child who had no choices at all,

And did the best he can with a situation so grim and pitiful.

It was a broken, battered boy who never got a hug or positive attention,

And was therefore so blinded by my abusers extreme affection.

So dear little Boy, I beg of you with all the love in my heart,

Please take a step back and notice the truth in this story, so painful and dark.

Notice your extreme vulnerability and that pure and innocent soul,

Notice what really happened and how much of you he stole.

Notice that he took you and locked you in his cage,

Notice that you had no choices of your own when he went on his rampage.

Notice how you had no voice as you belonged completely to him,

Notice how much you’ve grown despite your childhood so bitter and grim.

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