Just be!

I chanced upon an article today which brought me to tears. It was written by the son of the famed holocaust survivor, Eli Wiesel. In it, his son describes his rebellious behaviors against his father, his schools and religion. He goes on to say that his father would constantly tell him two words. Two small words yet full of complete and unconditional love.

The two words, “just be”, were his fathers constant words of acceptance and encouragement. Just be. So tremendously powerful. So uniquely special. His loving message to his rebellious son was just be who you are and I’m overjoyed with that. Just be exactly the way you are, with your struggles and imperfections and I’ll be the happiest man alive.

It brought tears to my eyes as I’ve yearned and continue to yearn to hear those two beautiful words. Although I wasn’t a rebellious child, I so badly needed to hear those words. I so badly needed to feel that unconditional love and although I’m now an adult, that child within me is starving for those words.

Those words were ringing in my ears all day and although I know I won’t ever hear them, perhaps I can tell them to myself. I can learn to accept myself. I can learn to “just be”.

Just be.

Just be, although I occasionally slip and fall off the mountain I’m climbing.

Just be, although I have many hard days.

Just be, although I have mornings that I sleep late due to horrendous nightmares.

Just be, although I know I’m not yet healed from my many years of trauma.

Just be, although I know I can’t yet do everything that everyone else does.

Just be, although I have my days when I’m too depressed and have no strength to work.

Just be, although I’m still so full of wounds from my abusive past.

Just be okay with who I am.

Just be. Two words so soft and simple yet so powerful at the same time. For those of you that weren’t privileged to hear them, perhaps you can tell it to yourselves. When we have those moments where we feel like we can’t take the pain any longer, perhaps we can take a step back and tell ourselves, just be. We are allowed to take a break, a day off or buy something special because we deserve it. We deserve for the simple reason that we are “just being”.

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